Upon leaving her village Rose began a 52 kilometer journey that would take her from her home village of Bamunanika to Kiwoko.  Amidst the hopelessness of this journey she found Ian and Robbie Clarke, Irish citizens working to establish better medical care in Uganda.  This encounter with the Clarke’s would forever alter the direction of Rose’s life.  Under their care, Rose would once again be part of a family.  She also began a career in nursing which would lead to her working as Director of Clinical Operations at International Hospital Kampala (IHK) in Uganda.  Today Rose balances responsibilities with IHK, a Ph.D program at Yale University, and assistance to numerous organizations including Narrow Road, where she serves as a board member.  On July 11, 2009, with the support and company of individuals from 5 different countries, Rose walked the same 52 kilometers from Bamunanika to Kiwoko.  This journey, 20 years after her initial footsteps on this path, was the beginning of a new pursuit that took place in Uganda again on July 9, 2011. 

On October 5th & 6th, 2012, joined by nearly 150 individuals from 9 different states, Rose shared her story and participated in a walk of the same distance in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. 

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In 1989, as a young girl, Rose Nanyonga was forced to leave her family’s village in Uganda.  She was alone and, as a female in Uganda without family protection, she had little hope. At the root of her forced departure was a conflict between Rose’s practicing of the Christian faith and her family’s desire for her to take part in witchcraft. Witchcraft, which can include the abhorrent practice of child sacrifice, is practiced in parts of Uganda and had driven a wedge between Rose and her family.

Rose is an ambassador for many in Uganda who are unwanted, unloved, uncared for, and without hope.  Rose’s Journey has 3 goals, each of which is a reflection of Rose’s personal journey:

1.) Raise awareness to help end child sacrifice.

2.) Raise funding to provide scholarships to nursing students at International Health Sciences University

3.) Raise funding to sponsor free medical care in the Hope Ward of International Hospital Kampala.

WATCH: BBC Coverage of 2009 Eventhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/world_news_america/8550854.stm
READ: Rose’s Bloghttp://rosenanyongac.blogspot.com/

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Raising Awareness to End Child Sacrifice

Providing Charitable Medical Care

Empowering Nursing Students

Rose’s Story

July, 2009 - Uganda

Rose’s Journey Events

July, 2011 - Uganda

October, 2012 - Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Twenty years after her initial walk between Bamunanika and Kiwoko, Rose initiated Rose’s Journey to begin promoting awareness against child sacrifice and raise funding for medical care and nursing scholarships.

Nearly 80 individuals from 5 countries joined her in this initial pursuit of walking in Uganda for these causes.

Building on financial support, media coverage, and other opportunities created in 2009, Rose’s Journey took place again in 2011.

On this occasion a similarly sized group of approximately 80 individuals, primarily Ugandans, joined in the awareness effort.  The walks in 2009 and 2011 helped to spur an increase of media coverage regarding child sacrifice.

The effort to promote awareness about child sacrifice strengthened again in 2012 as nearly 150 individuals from 9 states joined together for Rose’s Journey.

A dinner and walking event brought together a crowd from around the country and increased support for the causes of Rose’s Journey.

August 24, 2013 - Uganda, UK, USA

Simultaneous walking events took place on August 24, 2013.  Events occurred in Uganda, the United Kingdom, and seven US states.

Each of these events raised awareness about a petition requesting legislation against child sacrifice in Uganda.