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Dear Friends - Rose’s Journey has become much bigger than my personal story.  It is a story carried on by so many of you who join me as ambassadors for victims of child sacrifice in Uganda.  My hope is that we can now join together in 2013 to achieve unprecedented levels of awareness and influence as we look to initiate positive change in Uganda.  Child sacrifice will end, and it will eventually do so because a group of people joined together to see it finished.  Thank you for all you have done and all you will do in 2013.  Love - Rose Nanyonga Clarke.

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Child Sacrifice

Child sacrifice refers to the mutilation or killing of children in an effort to bring wealth, good health, or some other desired result.  Witch doctors, prevalent in rural Uganda, are typically involved in suggesting that gains can come about through the sacrifice of children.  The witch doctors, who themselves receive large sums of money for the practice, prey on the desire of poor citizens to gain wealth.  Victims of child sacrifice are often killed or left with portions of their bodies removed.  While condemned by many, the practice leaves large numbers of Ugandan children vulnerable.

It is difficult to verify the prevalence of child sacrifice, largely due to it being most common in rural villages.  Estimates of annual victims vary, but many groups speculate that the number reaches into the hundreds per year. While exact figures are unknown, it is certain that these acts are taking place and leading to the disappearance and death of many innocent children.

What Took Place

A number of simultaneous walking events took place around the world on August 24, 2013.  Each walk was intended to raise awareness about child sacrifice and encourage signatures for the paper and online petition

Walking events took place in Newcastle, UK and Kampala, Uganda.  Additional events took place in the United States in Austin, Seattle, Tacoma, Breckenridge, Dallas, Bryan, New Haven, and Tulsa. 


Rose has initiated an online petition on  The petition can be found here.  We are asking for your support and your e-signature as this petition gains a following.  Our specific goal is to gain 1,000,000 signatures from around the world and demonstrate wide-spread support in the struggle against child sacrifice. This is unquestionably an ambitious target, but it represents only approximately 1 out of every 34 Ugandans.  Individuals from around the world have already signed the petition in their show of support.


The impact of Rose’s Journey since 2009 has been extraordinary.  Six university students have received full scholarships to pursue degrees in nursing.  Large numbers of patients needing advanced medical care have received free treatment through the charitable Hope Ward at International Hospital Kampala.  Walks have taken place in Uganda and the United States in an effort to raise awareness about child sacrifice.  Within Uganda and elsewhere, Rose’s effort against child sacrifice has received media coverage in print, radio, and television.